Friday, 27 March 2015


I Believe in
By : Fei Yang
I believe in the future world people can fly with out anything, they can go out space and play in 0 gravity, we can go out of our world and travel to another world full of aliens that look like spiders. The cars can travel through time and space. This is the future of our world full of magic and fun.

Thursday, 26 March 2015


A Story of a Hat
By: Fei Yang
I'm a hat of a little boy. I goto school with the boy every day, at  every saturday the boy wash me.I'm a gray color hat. I have 1468 on my body, under the cap it is the boys name. I like to be a hat, I can block the sun light for the person who is wearing it. I feel happy because I can always help people to block sun light.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015


The Cinema
By : Fei Yang
I'm at a cinema watching a new movie called "Sponge Out Of Water." In the cinema I can hear spongebob talking and other character talking. I can feel the comfortable chair that I'm siting on. I can smell the popcorn from my friend. I can taste the chocolate in my mouth. This is the cinema that I always goto.


A Story Of a Pencil
By : Fei Yang
I'm a pencil I'm very old. I'm at the end of My life. That why I'm going to tell you my life story. I'm a part of a giant tree, The humans cut my in to a pice of wood block.Then they cut my in to slices of wood. After that they put wax on my. Later I got cut into a long pieces of wood lines and then put some writing cores in me so I can write down things. Second last they put the eraser on, and in to a box of Pencil. At last they put us in the store to sell. Now I'm at a little boys room, Used for writing and drawing. This is my life.